What is the thesis statement for Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama?

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The thesis statement for Dreams From My Father is ultimately a narrative retelling of Barack Obama's life. He explains in the introduction that he resisted writing such a book but was drawn to do so by the memories that assailed him when he sat down to try to write about race relations. He says that what he tried to do was write honestly about a particular time in his life.

Obama spends a great deal of the book trying to unpack his own identity. He is the son of a white mother who raised him along with his Indonesian stepfather and a black father who he didn't know well. Despite that, he felt drawn to the African side of his heritage. He wanted to explore it and understand it. He also talks about how people in American perceive him as a black man even though he is also half white.

The book aims to talk about Obama's life, explore his history, and work out some of the thoughts he has about his identity. He does this in three parts: his growing up years, his time in Chicago, and then his...

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