What is the theme of "Games at Twilight."

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You might want to begin by considering the significance of the title in this great short story. The word "twilight" has associations of the death of the day and the word "games" indicates competition and struggler and the need to learn the "rules" of life and how we fit in to the wider scheme of things. Both of these elements are present in the story. There are a number of images of death throughout, such as the animals and plants in the heat and perhaps most importantly, the funereal game that the children are playing at the end of the story. However, this of course foreshadows the "death" that Ravi himself experiences as he realises his own true insignificance in the world and how indifferent that world actually is. Thus the theme of the story relates to this idea of our own insignificance and how this is a lesson that we all learn at one stage or another. Having experienced this, Ravi is free to mature and become a well-functioning adult, not believing that he is the centre of the universe, yet this is a stage that is universal to us all and that we all must pass through.

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