What would be a good thesis statement for a paranormal activity topic for an argumentative essay on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?

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If you are trying to write an essay about the paranormal with respect to Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, you might focus on the difference between monsters in modern popular culture, which are fundamentally paranormal, and the rationality of Mary Shelley. A possible thesis statement would be:

In comparison with the supernaturalism found in many twenty-first century popular portrayals of monsters such as vampires and werewolves, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley exemplifies Enlightenment rationality by providing scientific rationales for the existence of the monster and its nature. 

In your essay, you might want to examine how our culture has become, at least in the way it deals with the monstrous, increasingly irrational and superstitious. For Shelley, the monster is a case of scientific overreach and bad child- (or monster-) rearing. There is nothing paranormal about the monster.

You might conclude be examining why, despite the scientific advances of the past few centuries, and a decrease in religiosity, our popular culture now accepts supernaturalism in a way that was not the case with eighteenth- and early-nineteenth century Gothic literature, which normally provided rational and scientific explanations for mysterious phenomena. 

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There are many different ways you can take this. Here are a few examples:

1. In a post-enlightenment western world where people tend to squeeze out the unexplainable, paranormal activities are usually dismissed, but in other societies they are not dismissed at all, but accepted. Both societies operate on the principle of faith. In this paper, I would like to discuss... (you fill in the blank).

2. Life is filled with mysterious things, which science and all our learning cannot explain. A possible answer lies in the paranormal.

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One possible source of unexplained phenomena is the paranormal, but because science refuses to take it seriously, it has remained a form of the occult.

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