What is a summary of the book Three Lives for Mississippi?Book : Three Lives for Mississippi By : William Bradford Huie

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

William Huie's novel Three Lives for Mississippi is one which was designed to tell the complete and unadulterated story of the three Civil Rights activists who lost their lives during the Freedom Summer in 1964.

Huie had been sent to cover the murder of the three men by the New York Herald Tribune. Upon arriving in Mississippi, Huie began to interview and question people around the men and the crimes.

In the end, Huie provides a documentary which details the lives of both those murdered and those who murdered them. Huie's collection of documentary pieces went into great detail about the activists, the murderers, and those who closed their eyes to the murders of the activists.

In the end, the murders of the activists forced the nation to look at the prejudices of the South and those, the white supremacist groups, with kept the hatred alive.

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