Is there a denoument in Animal Farm? What is it?

Expert Answers
bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The denouement is the final resolution of a story, the outcome of the complications, the solution to the mysteries, and/or the explanation of any secrets. It ties up the loose ends. Always look to the main conflict of the story to determine when the denouement occurs. When we know how the main conflict is resolved, we know the resolution of the whole story.

The denouement in Animal Farm is when the pigs are sitting and playing poker with the humans, finalizing their deals with one another, and the other animals look in and are unable to tell the pigs from the humans. The pigs have become just like the humans, and the humans even praise them for their control over the other animals. This is the resolution of the main conflict, the struggle between the humans and the animals.

The animals, in an attempt to better their lives, revolt against the humans and take over the farm. By the end, nothing has been accomplished because the other animals are no better off than they were under the control of humans. In fact, their revolution has made things worse for them. They work harder and have less to eat. The pigs have simply replaced the humans, and this is reflected when the other animals can't tell the difference between the two.