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What theory of management is in sync with the behavioral model of leadership?

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Actually, there is no single theory that is "in sync with the behavorial model of leadership." There are actually four distinct theories with their own assesment of leadership skills in behavior modeling, all originating in some form from the renowned social scientist B.F. Skinner, who studied the connections between reward, punishment, and behavior. Those four theories are trait theorybehavioral theory, contingency theory, and full range theory

Trait theory says that leaders emerge when they are exposed to a wide variety of situations that challenge them with tasks that engage their intelligence and creativity. As they engage in these varied tasks, qualities such as conscientiousness, gregariousness, and the ability to adjust will become evident. Leaders will "float to the top," their natural abilities will become evident to management. 

Behavioral theory insists that only persons with innately strong personalities are leaders. These people possess an unusual self-confidence and willingness to take on risks and tasks. 

Contingency theory says that different situations call for different types of leaders. There is no one way to lead, they argue. 

Finally, Full Range theory postulates that all people can lead if given the proper motivation, the right situation and influential direction. 

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