What theory of decolonization best fits the deloconization of the British Empire in Africa?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Metropolitan theories of decolonization are the best fit for the decolonization of the former British Empire in Africa.  These theories hold that it is factors having to do with the imperial power that drive decolonization.  In other words, the imperial power decolonizes when that seems to be the most convenient thing for it, not because of anything that the colonized people are doing.

This fits what happened in Africa.  Britain decolonized Africa based on its own needs.  It decolonized in part because of the fact that people in the West were starting to think that colonization was a form of racial injustice.  It also decolonized because the Cold War pushed it to do so.  Britain (and other Western countries) needed to decolonize so that the Soviets could not use colonialism against them when competing for the support of the brown and black people of the world.  

These are factors that have little to do with the Africans themselves.  Instead, the show that Britain decolonized because that was what it thought was best for its own interests.