What are the theoretical perspectives of philosopher Edgar Morin (1921 - )?

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psyproffie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Edgar Morin is a French philosopher who focuses on the human condition drawing heavily from information and systems theory. It is important to note that he has no fixed disciplinary topic as his works cover a large variety of topics. When you look at systems theory you will see that it has a strong basis in biology, engineering and psychology and focuses on how individual parts work within the system as a whole.  When looking at information theory you will see that it is heavily used within engineering, computer science, and mathematics and focusing on how data is used. As Edgar Morin covers a large variety of topics, most of which have not been translated from French to English, we find that the focus is on the systems in which the world around us operates and how data and communication is utilized (successfully or unsuccessfully) within those systems.

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