what are the themes of this novel??plz explain them a bit..

pridewind | Student

the main theme of this novel is conflict of tradition and modernity.in other words this can also be defined as east west tension.there is a constant flux of tradition and modernity.the question of being traditional or modern is asked again and again.fusun is shown sometimes as modern in her action as she took part in beauty contest but sometimes her love for kemal and her wish to get married with him shows that she is traditional.this conflict can also be defined as east west tension as being traditonal is eastern ideal and being modern is western ideal.the society shown in this novel pretends to be modern in some matter but traditional in roots.this tendency lead them nowhere.i think they just entraped in a sort of limbo where they are neither traditional  nor modern.this novel also shows some burning issues of easter countries like love and sex situation of women or should say positn of woman in society..

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