What are the themes shown throughout Chapters 3-5 in The Kite Runner?

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Certain subjects already apparent deal with social hierarchy and ethnic prejudice, loyalty and betrayal in friendship and within the family unit, self-denial and self-acceptance.  As the story goes on, these ideas can be developed into full-fledged themes or statements as Amir learns from his mistakes and experiences, and matures into a responsible adult.

The early part of the book, though, focuses on the "double standard" relationship between Amir and his house servant Hassan.  Amir treats his friend one way when alone with him at home and another when in the company of others.  This shows his two-faced nature and foreshadows his final betrayal of Hassan - first, when he does not fend off Assef in the rape scene and later when he frames Hassan by making it look as if he had stolen money. It is not until much later on that he learns that Hassan was indeed his half-brother.

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