What are the themes of Shakespearean Sonnets?

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The themes of Shakespeare’s  Sonnets are about love; they appear to be dedicated to a handsome boy and a rival poet together with a mysterious and aloof "dark" lady that they both love . They are divided into three groups:

o       Sonnets 1 to 126 are addressed to or concern a young man

o       Sonnets 127-152 are addressed to or concern a dark lady

o       Sonnets 153-154 are free adaptations of two classical Greek poems


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Well there are so many individual themes within each sonnet, but if you are looking for an overall theme, it would definintly be love--be it falling in or out of love (like the first 17 sonnets) or unrequited love (like sonnet's 127-154). One common theme that all of the Sonnets address is love.

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If you try to look at the general context of Shakespeare's sonnets, you would therefore conclude that majority of his sonnets speak of love and admiration for a certain dark lady, his undying friendship for a young man and the rest where adaptation of greek classical forms.

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