What are the themes in Run Lola Run?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most dominant themes in the film is the idea of free will and determinism.  In seeing Lola's predicament in three different sequences as the result of choices made, one is left to wonder if there is an external design or if the choices made and the consequences determined are the results of individual choice.  The question of what elements cannot be destroyed and what elements lie outside of the realm of choice.  Another theme is the "Butterfly Effect" idea in which actions that might not necessarily seemed related to one another end up having great connection to one another.  For example, in each run, Lola treats the punk on the staircase with the dog differently.  Either being growled at by the dog, jumping over the punk, or being tripped all have different outcomes on the end result of Lola's story.  The theme here is how events that might not seem interconnected are actually bound to one another.  For example, in being growled at by the dog, Lola runs faster, causing other elements in the sequence to happen at different times than in the other two runs.