What are the themes of "Just Lather, That's All"?

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One theme of this brief story is that just because an action may feel justified does not mean it is easy to complete . The barber admits that when he heard the story of his rebel compatriots killed by Captain Torres, he "was upset." He describes the "mutilated bodies" of several others who were hanged and then used for "target practice." He knows that he is shaving the face of a killer, and he wonders, "How many of us had he ordered shot? How many of us had he ordered mutilated?" He also knows that he would be counted a hero among the rebels, with whom he is allied and who he supports, if he simply let the razor sink into the captain's neck; it could all be done so quickly that the captain would not even suffer. However, the barber cannot, will not, do it; he cannot end the conflict, save his brethren, and make himself a murderer. He doesn't want blood...

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