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What are some themes that are present in the film Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

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One major theme in this film is the idea that family is the most important thing. The screenplay is loosely based on Homer's Odyssey, and this is one of the major themes of that text as well. In the movie, Ulysses (another name for Odysseus, from the epic poem) and his two-man "crew" escape from the prison in order to get to and dig up a treasure Ulysses claims to have buried before that land is flooded. However, the treasure that he really wants to get to is his family: his wife, Penny (short for Penelope, the name of Odysseus's wife), and his many daughters. Penny is engaged to a "suitor"; she has not remained loyal to Ulysses the way Penelope does Odysseus. Despite Penny's lack of loyalty, Ulysses loves her and seems only to want to get home to her. The family reunites, as Odysseus's does, and it seems as though they live mostly happily ever after.

Another theme is that god/the gods reward sincerity . Ulysses scoffs at the notion of a higher power throughout the movie, but in the...

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