What themes are linked in Athol Fugard's plays The Road to Mecca and My Children! My Africa!?

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While Athol Fugard's play My Children! My Africa! more overtly concerns apartheid than his play The Road to Mecca, both very clearly concern the theme of being crushed by an oppressive social system.

The Road to Mecca is set in New Bethesda, a predominantly white village established by the Dutch Reformed Church, 1875, in the Karoo, South Africa's semi-desert. Being set in a predominantly white village, the play does not contain the same overtly racial tensions found in My Children! My Africa!; however, since Fugard was a strong critic of apartheid who wrote all of his anti-apartheid plays in exile, both plays certainly contain critical anti-apartheid tones.

In The Road To Mecca, since her husband's death, the protagonist Miss Helen has felt at liberty to pursue her true creativity. The result is that she has filled her yard with cement statues of animals and Wise Men--all facing towards Mecca in the east. Yet, all who live in the village think she has gone completely insane. People, like Marius, the...

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