What themes or issues did both Minimal & Conceptual artists explore in their works?

Expert Answers
epic-art-time eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Both Minimal and Conceptual artists were interested in exploring the nature of art itself.  Minimalists did this by removing everything from their art that reflected artistic expression.  They reduced the art object down to its basic elements of form, surface, shape, etc.  They enticed the viewer into considering these most simplified aspects of art oftentimes by using repetition and oversized scale.

The Conceptualists wanted their art to be about idea only.  This is what they considered to be the true nature of art.  The art object was just fluff to them.  Many Conceptual artists created impermanent installations to stress the importance of art idea over art product.  They too eliminated self expression from their work , which they considered a distraction from the ‘real art:’ that is the idea.  Many of the ideas expressed in conceptual art involve philosophical questions about the true form of things and how we come to know what we know in life.