What themes from "Of Mice and Men" were best handled by the film-markers?

Expert Answers
asorrell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the modern movie with Gary Sinise and John Malkovich, I think that the friendship and loyalty between the two men is evident. The filmmakers really kept to the spirit of that theme and did a good job of showing the strong bond between Lennie and George.  It showed George's efforts to look out for Lennie.

I think the loneliness of the migrant workers was also portrayed well in the film.  In the novel, many of the men went from farm to farm.  They had no families, no roots, no true friends, but Lennie and George had each other.  This loneliness was portrayed in the film just as it was in the book.  Candy only had his dog and then the dog was shot.  Crooks was isolated because he was black.  The loneliness of Curly's wife was done very well in the film.  She was always hanging around the barn to try to find some company.  She just wanted someone to talk to and someone to listen to her because she wasn't getting any attention from Curly.