From chapter 14 in Stargirl, how can I complete a table that features themes, meaning of themes, examples, and effects based on characters/ community?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Setting up a table for this task is rather direct.  Four columns will be needed with each item required serving as the heading for each one.  At this point, completion of the task is to fill in the missing parts.  Chapter 14 displays many different examples of the individual vs. conformity theme.  One example of this could be the Valentine's Day treat episode.  The evidence this scene holds regarding fulfilling the theme would be whether Stargirl is going to capitulate to the expectations of others around her and not distribute Valentine's Day treats.  She has always done something for every holiday.  After her episode on the television show and the brushback in public reception she has received, many think Stargirl will conform and not do anything for Valentine's Day.  She turns out to remain individualistic and distribute out treats to everyone in her homeroom.  The effects this has on the characters in the community is to tighten their resolve against her even more, as they cannot put aside the fact that Stargirl is fundamentally different from them.  The meaning of this scene helps to reflect how the community is turning on Stargirl, reflecting the challenge in remaining an individual who believes in core values while existing in a community that embraces conformity.

Another moment where the individuality and community theme is evident is when Stargirl tends to Ron Kovac, a star athlete from Sun Valley.  When he goes down, Stargirl is the first on the court, caring for him and helping to tend to his injury.  Her actions are the individual representing a sense of commitment to ideals while the community, the fans in the stands, spit venom at her for showing care to the opponent.  The meaning is clear in that Stargirl has, consciously or not, drawn a line that will differentiate her from the crowd, the community.  Evidence of this is how members of the community view her with skepticism, seen in the next night when she is pelted with a tomato for her cheering.  The effects on the community become clear in that Stargirl's rejection and eventual shunning is a reality that others in the community embrace.