What themes can be seen in Blade Runner that are driven by its historical context?

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Given the unprecedented progress and advancement in the 1980s, the theme of technology's limitations becomes a part of the film's landscape.  The context of the 1980s was fitting for the film in several ways.  The 1980s was a period of economic wealth, American exceptionalism, and technological advancement that would significantly change the way individuals live and how life was perceived.  As computer technology began to take a strong hold of all society, the film's themes of questioning what constitutes reality in terms of individual experience, what defines freedom, and to what ends does social advancement represent social regression are all appropriate themes in both the film and the historical context from which the fiml emerges.  The development of the idea of how the unprecedented optimism in a technological driven future is a theme of the film that is inspired by the progress of the historical context.

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