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What themes appear in John's prologue that appear throughout his Gospel that make it unique from the other Gospels in the New Testament?

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The prologue of John presents the thesis of the book which is that Jesus is "the Logos  or the Word."The term, Word," conveys the notion of divine self-expression or speech and has a rich Old Testament background.When Jesus speaks, God is speaking. When God speaks things come into being (Genesis 1:3) and by speech God relates personally to his people (e.g. Genesis 15:1). Jesus is the living active Word that created the universe and gave order to it. The prologue emphasizes themes that will occur throughout the gospel: Christ's deity (1:1), the incarnation (1:14), the response to his coming by reacting in belief or unbelief (1:11, 12), the work of Christ to reveal God the Father to...

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