What are the themes of Exterminate All the Brutes?

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Exterminate All the Brutes is a haunting work of non-fiction, which traces the roots of European genocidal thoughts through Africa. The author retraces the steps of European colonialism in Africa. Based on accounts starting in the 18th century and moving forward, the author follows the paths taken by European explorers, missionaries, and more.

The major themes discussed in the book are social Darwinism, white supremacy, and genocide. Lindqvist examines the ways that early European exploration in Africa created a legacy of white supremacy in the continent, which stretched back to Europe. Early beliefs that Europeans were somehow better than all other groups of people led people, tragically, to feel that logically other groups of people don't even deserve to exist. The idea of cleansing the world of non-Europeans arose out of this dark history.

Ultimately, Lindqvist contests that the roots of European colonialism in Africa created the right societal conditions for the Holocaust to happen in...

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