What is the theme of "A Wrinkle in Time"?

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The novel A Wrinkle in Time is the epitome of a "good vs. evil" story. The theme of the novel is that evil is an active, constant, present force that is consuming worlds and dimensions. This is on prominent display when the three witches show the children the Earth from a great distance, wrapped in a dark shroud with occasional bursts of light illuminating its surface. This represented the lives and actions of good and pure people.

At the climax of the novel, Charles Wallace does mentally battle with a physical manifestation of evil, the disembodied brain IT, eventually winning out because of his love for Meg and their father.

The primary theme in this novel is that there is a true and constant battle between good and evil, and the only way to combat it is through good and charitable loving actions for humanity.

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The theme in A Wrinkle in Time is a battle of Good vs Evil for control of the universe.  Meg, Charles Wallace, Calvin and other "ordinary" humans represent the the good, while disembodied entities referred to as "Thing" or "IT" represents the evil.  The story unfolds with the characters trying to conquer the evil.  The ragtag trio help the children try to conquer evil by giving them advice.  The children must find answers to their questions on their own and follow the path of love and fellowship.  The underlying theme is the power of love.  The author makes it "clear that the only way one defeats evil, hatred, and death is love, a love which grows through suffering and a free acceptance of danger."

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