what is the theme in the white stag

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One of the main themes in 'The White Stag' is the theme of national identity, and the idea of origin and development of national culture through history. In this case that nationalism concerns the nation of Hungary, represented by a white stag. The book is a mythical story of the formation of Hungary.The author tells the tale of the migration of the Hun and Magyar tribes from the steppes of Central Asia, across the Carpathian Mountains, and into the Danube Plains using folk tales and literature from that culture. There are biblical references and themes such as the idea of a chosen people, divine prophecy and a Promised Land. There are heroes and leaders, and much biblical style wandering before the Huns get to the Danube. Early Hungarian history is presented in a more cultural and more imaginative form, showing how the Hungarian or Magyar race originated from the Huns of fourth-century Asia. The themes of epiphany and home-coming could also be examined in the light of this book.

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