The Way Up To Heaven Theme

What is the theme of "The Way Up To Heaven"?

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“The Way Up To Heaven” is a perfect-crime story. The main theme is the commission of a perfect murder.

A supplementary theme involves Mrs Foster's “pathological fear” of being late and her husband’s passive aggression in deliberately making her anxious about being late. Mrs Foster does not understand whether her husband is tormenting her deliberately.

Mrs Foster was and always had been a good and loving wife. For over thirty years, she had served him loyally and well. There was no doubt about this. Even she, a very modest woman, was aware of it, and although she had for years refused to let herself believe that Mr Foster would ever consciously torment her, there had been times recently when she had caught herself beginning to wonder.

So a another theme might be called “The worm turns.”

Perfect crime stories are a familiar genre. Edgar Allan Poe wrote several. Such stories can either end in success or failure. Most often the protagonist plans a perfect murder but gets caught...

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