what is the theme of the three musketeers story?

chas82 | Student

There are three main themes I feel to be important in The Three Musketeers; Quests, Love, and Brotherhood.  Like many young heroes, d'Artagnan is first and foremost on a quest to gain his own fortune.  Although he has been born into royalty, he still must prove himself worthy of the position of Musketeer.  With aid from a friend of his father's he becomes a guard, and because of his inquisitiveness and pride, he is able to prove his worth and become a Musketeer.

An affair between the Queen and Buckingham also provides another quest, this time for the Musketeers to conceal the affair and arrange for the two to have secret rendezvous'. However, there are quite a few discussions between more modern readers and those of traditions as to whether this is merely a trivial matter compared to the political issues of the time.  One must remember, however, the code of honor that the Musketeers believe in, true love above all else.

The Musketeers in the book believe in true love.  As mentioned previously, the Musketeers aided the affair of the Queen and Buckingham because they [the Musketeers] feel there is true love between the two. Another love story was amidst the affair, d'Artagan in love with Madame Bonacieux finds himself faced with various dangerous situations when he tries to protect her from their enemies, eventually betrayed by her lies and deceit.

The friendship featured in The Three Musketeers is between four young gentlemen devoted to the King. Their friendship allows them to combine forces and defeat evil powers that might otherwise prevail. Friendship is thus portrayed in an immensely positive light in The Three Musketeers, they are always there to share with each other and support each other.