what is the theme of this poem?You          were my                    first dandelion                          wish, my...

what is the theme of this poem?

          were my
                    first dandelion
                          wish, my cotton
                                  candy kiss, and sweet
                                     lullaby.  With you nested 
                                      in the palm of my hand, 
                                     we became one with the night, 
                                        ruling over the stars in the sky. 
                                         You have been my guiding light
                                            through sleepless nights, my 
                                               muse, and friend, always 
                                               lending a listening ear, and
                                              offering your soft, glowing
                                      light to ease my fears.
                           You are my warm,
                        goodnight moon,

Expert Answers
clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think you could make an argument in favor of seasoned love or life-long friendship.  I definitely think this is about a man/woman love relationship where the one is devoted to the other for life.  Some of the lines are out of chronological order, but all ages are represented nonetheless.

"Lullaby" = infancy
"First dandelion wish, my cotton candy kiss" = childhood
"Guiding light" = teenage or other formative years
"Sleepless nights" = young adulthood
"became one with the night" = first sexual experience maybe?
"ruling over the stars" = parenthood
"Muse and friend" = older adult, midlife
"goodnight moon" = elderly



kc4u | Student

The funny little Romantic lyric is addressed to the moon but it can be read as making some serious points nevertheless.  It is a love poem, written in a typical and cliched eulogistic rhetoric with a tone of romantic effusion and exaggeration.

The poem is a classic example of visually charged pattern poetry where the placement of the lines create a visual image in a calligraphic way that harmonizes with the major theme of the poem. The alignment of the lines here typographically evokes the image of a half-moon in its perfect slice-shape.

The poem in terms of expressing a love of moon and ending on the word 'luna' may be read as an expression of lunacy or a kind of madness, supposed to be caused by the moon.