What is the theme of "A Haunted House"?can you help me with the summary of the story "a haunted house"?

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You can find a summary of Virginia Woolf's "A Haunted House" if you go to the link I've attached at the bottom of my answer.  Most of Virginia Woolf's can be difficult to understand because she uses stream-of-consciousness in her works.  Stream of consciousness is usually the random thoughts or thought processes of the narrator.  We don't usually think in any sort of order, and so that's what this point of view represents.  I think the themes Woolf is trying to showcase in her story are undying love, and the relationships the living can have with the dead.  The narrator, a woman, is living in the home that was previously owned by the ghosts.  They share not only that connection, but also the love that they feel for their spouses.

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