What is the theme of the short story "La Puerta" by Jose Antonio Burciaga?

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The theme of the short story "La Puerta" is poverty and what it inspires in those caught in its trap.

In the story, Sinesio must contemplate a life away from his wife and children in order to provide for his family. He knows that the journey north to America will be arduous and dangerous. However, he has little choice, and he ponders the letter his brother Aurelio has sent him. As his family's breadwinner, Sinesio is faced with two difficult choices. If he stays in his home country, his family will continue to live poverty-stricken lives. If he leaves, he will face various environmental and social challenges on his journey north. The unrelenting burden of poverty, however, forces Sinesio to contemplate making the journey, despite the inherent danger to his life. Poverty is often the motivating factor behind seemingly unexplained, desperate acts.

The text tells us that Faustina glued the lottery ticket to the door in an effort to keep the rain out. Although Sinesio is upset at his wife's...

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