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Several themes are present in “The Interlopers.” One major theme is nature’s indifference to man; Ulrich and Georg feud over who owns a part of the forest but, in the end, their reconciliation doesn’t matter to a pack of hungry wolves. Another relevant theme is the danger of senselessly clinging to past grudges.

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In "The Interlopers," the theme is based on a feud between two families. The feud is based on an argument over a strip of forestland. The hatred that has developed because of this feud has become quite serious, with both Ulrich von Gradwitz and Georg Znaeym having murderous thoughts:

Ulrich and Georg are enemies who have brought a family feud over a piece of forestland to a murderous point.

Through the years, the feud has only grown stronger. The theme is based on the hatred or enmity that Ulrich and Georg have one for the other. These two men have allowed their hatred to culminate to a point which now involves serious, dangerous actions. The two enemies are in the woods waiting for the other one to run into the other. With guns in hand, the two men look at each other with murderous thoughts:

The two men face each other with rifles in hand, but neither can bring himself to shoot the other. Before either man can act, a bolt of lighting strikes a tree. It falls over and pins them underneath its limbs.

While pinned beneath the tree, having time to think about their actions, the theme changes to one of understanding. The two enemies decide to put their differences aside. Now that the feud is over, there is only one thing with which to worry--a pack of wolves is heading in their direction.

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Your should let the past be The Past and not let it interfere with the present and/or future