What is the theme of the story "The Birds" by Daphne du Maurier? 

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One theme in Daphne’s “The Birds” is a struggle to survive, to live. Nat’s family is one of the first in his area to experience an attack by a large number of birds. First, Nat fights off about half a dozen birds from his room. Later, the birds attack his children in their room, and Nat kills over fifty of the birds, using a blanket as a defense weapon. Following this experience, he determines to protect his family from any further attacks by boarding up the windows and chimneys in his house as has been advised in the news broadcasts. After the second bird attack, he piles up his sills with bodies of dead birds for extra security. He also boards up his kitchen door. He notices that the “birds attack with the flood tide,” so he replenishes his family’s stock of food, fuel, and light from the Triggs’ farm.

Another theme is the role of women in the family. Throughout the story, Nat’s wife is portrayed as a weak person, someone to be taken care of, much like the children....

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