What is the theme of Still I Rise by Maya Angelou? And how could the poet manage to make it appealing?

lara-2009 | Student

Maya Angelou's Still I Rise shows different ways of sarcastis lanuage as well as for ideas. She charge those who believed in racisim and sexsim and still do, that no matter what lies, violation, offence and hatered they have, she is strong enough to get over life obstacles. Moreover she charge them to pull her down over and over showing them her great desire to live.

She uses greatdeal of poetic device.

  • Metaphore as in; I'm black ocean
  • Simile as in; Just like dust I'll rise.
  • Personification as in; just like hopes springinng high I'll rise.
  • Sarcastic language; Don't you take it so hard just 'couse I laugh.
  • Powerful adjectives and challanging words such in; Out of the hust of history shame I'll rise, and inyou make cut me with your lies still i'll rise.
  • And the whole poem is allegory. All that make the poem appealing and easy to understand.