What is a theme statement for "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury?

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A theme statement encompasses a work of literature's primary theme and forms a discussion regarding the author's main message of the narrative. In Ray Bradbury's celebrated short story "The Veldt," one of the primary themes he explores concerns how an overreliance on technology can have a dehumanizing effect on individuals. In the story, George and Lydia purchase a Happylife Home, which is a completely automated, technologically advanced residence that performs seemingly every necessary function to run a home and raise children. Unfortunately, the Happlylife Home begins to replace George and Lydia as parental figures in their children's lives, and Wendy and Peter begin to dismiss, disobey, and resent them.

Wendy and Peter spend the majority of their leisure time in the simulated nursery, which is extremely realistic and reflects their imaginations, feelings, and emotions. George and Lydia begin to regret their decision to purchase the automated Happylife Home, and they invite a...

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