What is the theme of the "The Scarlet Ibis?"

Grey Jeymes | Student

I think consequence could play into the story's theme as well. A theme statement could be "by the time we realize what who we've done wrong, we can no longer fix the mistake". When Doodle dies, Brother feels that he is responsible. This could go along with the theme of pride.

zumba96 | Student

It is about loving people for who they are, not having too much pride, and looking on the inside instead of the outside 

Yojana_Thapa | Student

Pride is a major theme in this story, "The Scarlet Ibis" because pride is linked with shame and embarrassment over his little brother Doodle, who has a disability. Pride is harmful. The narrator was so ashamed to have a brother like that, he even decides to kill the baby by smothering him with a pillow. He stop and sees Doodle smile and realizes that he is smart. The narrator is sometimes mean to Doodle. He showed Doodle the coffin threatening him to leave him there. Doodle begs his brother to never abandon him. The Brother was embarrassed that Doodle still couldn't walk so he sets out to teach him. On Doodle's 6th birthday, doodle surprises the family by walking. Brother decides to teach him to be athletic like him. Doddle shows signs of weaknesses. They find a scarlet ibis in their yard. Doodle is sad and he buries it. Later on the brother makes Doodle row the boat. Doodle is exhausted. A storm approaches and doodle and his brother run home. The brother runs ahead of him and when his anger calm, he runs back to find Doodle curled up. Doodle was bleeding from his mouth. The scarlet Ibis symbolizes him. The Brother is cruel, his pride took over him.

parama9000 | Student

It is that do not push yours or others lives beyond boundaries, if you succeed but die, all is empty and wasted.

lollapalooza | Student

if you ahve a bad bro, u keel him with a burd


samueltan95 | Student


Brotherhood of man




lolodancer | Student

How about this-too much pride can make us treat those we love in cruel ways.


tory1296 | Student

The theme is that the brother had too much pride in teaching Doodle to walk, run etc. and he couldn't just accept the fact that Doodle wasn't physically or mentally strong enough to do all that.

naio | Student

The theme can be that sometimes pride can reason in life or death.

starz2 | Student

The theme of this sory is acceptence. The brother couldn't accept having a disables brother(Doodle).


omarforever | Student

well ithink this is the answer for your qusetion .


A theme is a specific statment that branches off the subject and is supported through the story.  In order to find one theme, I can ask myself what statement the story makes about selfishness.  Based on the story, I can say that selfish people do not always pay for their selfishness, but others do. The narrator was not hurt (physically) because of his selfishness, but Doodle died because of it.

morganthemorgan | Student

its definitely pride.

nothing more to it.