What is the main theme in Richard Rodriguez's essay "The Fear of Losing a Culture"?

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In the essay "The Fear of Losing a Culture" by Richard Rodriguez, the author writes of his ancestral Hispanic culture in relation to his homeland the United States. To properly understand his point of view, it is important to realize that Rodriguez was born in San Francisco as a US citizen, and he grew up in contact with disparate cultures. His parents were immigrants, and in his childhood he spoke mainly Spanish, but as he became more involved in academia, he also experienced immersion in American culture. In his first book, Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez, he documents a sense of alienation from his Hispanic culture through his studies. Although the book received praise from critics and won several awards, some Hispanic people accused Rodriguez of selling out to the American culture at the expense of the culture of his family.

The main theme of "The Fear of Losing a Culture" is the assimilation of cultures. However, the title of the essay is in a sense ironic because...

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