What is the theme of "The Red-Headed League"?

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Like many Sherlock Holmes stories, "The Red Headed League" is a celebration of the human intellect. We see this most notably with Holmes himself. As he does in many stories, Sherlock Holmes is able to discern the truth of a case that, on the surface, seems utterly bizarre, through use of logical reasoning and astute observation. However, there is also his adversary, John Clay, who displays both intelligence and imagination in his attempted bank robbery, even if he is foiled at the story's end.

In addition, this story is one where apparently light-hearted absurdities are used to conceal a much more serious reality beneath the surface. What begins as a Pawn Broker's absurd story of the Red Headed League (which pays him four pounds a week for having red hair, and instructs him to spend four hours each day transcribing the Encyclopedia Britannica) later turns into a more high-stakes affair concerning attempted bank robbery. In addition, there is the character of John Clay himself, who...

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