What is the theme, quotes, and a thesis sentence of the greek myth: Baucis & philemon?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The primary theme that emerges from the myth is the redemptive power of faith.  Baucis and Philemon honor their guests, having faith in the understanding that there is something fundamentally divine in being able to host another.  When the presence of the Olympians is revealed to them, the couple do not ask for riches or personal gain.  They simply ask to be the caretakers of a temple dedicated to Zeus and to die with one another.  Baucis and Philemon represent how faith is its own reward, something that when given the chance to maximize by the divine the old couple seize and grasp with fervor.  This becomes the theme of the myth.  Faith in the divine of the purest kind is their own reward.  The fact that the couple die in each other's arms and are transformed into trees whose branches intertwine helps to reinforce the thematic idea of the myth.  Individuals who serve the gods in a selfless manner becomes gods in their own right.  Their purpose in life is fulfilled.  Divine worship in its purest form becomes its own intrinsic good, something that Baucis and Philemon embody.