What is the theme present in "Resolution and independance"? Explain in details.

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kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The poem "Resolution and Independence" deals with the struggle of the narrator to "find" himself.  The narrator wonders whether or not he can become the person he needs to be, one that is more patient and resolute, like the leech-gatherer he encounters.  The narrator at first feels at one with nature, but that changes after the encounter with the leech-gatherer:

He realizes that his essential quality of mental or spiritual identity cannot rely upon an external environment for its continuing strength. At first, the speaker feels at one with the happy springtime setting, but when he falls suddenly into despair, he is puzzled into a crisis of confidence in himself. (eNotes)

He realizes that he cannot rely on nature and his connection with it to be happy.  He realizes he must reflect and contemplate in addition to connecting with nature.  

Finally, “ 'Resolution and Independence' celebrates the human capacity to make use of the natural and to learn from sympathetic responses to fellow human creatures" (eNotes).