What is the theme of Premchand's story "Panch Parmeshwar or Holy Panchayat?"

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The theme of "Holy Panchayat" is the importance of putting justice above one's own interest. The story deals with two friends, Jumman and Algu. Jumman first has to appear before the panchayat when his elderly aunt, who had willed him her land in return for being cared for, decides she is not being treated well. Algu, Jumman's old friend, serves on the panchayat, or the local court, and decides in favor of the aunt. Jumman is surprised, and he feels that his old friend betrayed him, while Algu feels that he did his duty to administer justice according to his conscience. Later, Algu must turn to the panchayat when a merchant buys his ox and kills it from overwork and then refuses to play Algu for it. Jumman serves on the panchayat, and, while he wants to make a judgment against his former friend, his conscience leads him to decide in favor of Algu. At this point, the friends are reunited, as they understand that they must put their conscience before their friendship when serving on the panchayat. 

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the theme of this story is simple. Its the influence of adults on youngsters. The idea will automatically comes on ur mind if you refer the book. all the best and mark it as best answer........

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