Walt Whitman

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What is the theme for the poem "A Sight In Camp In The Daybreak Gray And Dim"?

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Walt Whitman expresses war’s destructive nature with an underlying religious connotation in his poem “A Sight In Camp In the Daybreak Gray and Dim.” As the poem’s narrator walks into a dim, gray morning from a sleepless night in a Civil War camp, he approaches three stretchers near the hospital tent. This scene is symbolic of the crucifixion of Christ, with a man on each side. The narrator lifts the blanket back to reveal the face of each dead soldier. One is an older, graying man, one is young, and the third is a man who could be any soldier. Whitman likens the third one to the face of Christ and describes the man as “the brother of all.” Age did not matter; the cruelties of war treated each the same as each man sacrificed his life.

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