What is the theme of the poem "Atmospheric Phenomenon: The Art of Hurricanes" by Victor Cruz?

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"Atmospheric Phenomenon: The Art of Hurricanes," by Victor Hernandez Cruz is a poem which was published in his book Panoramas. The poem's theme lies in its metaphorical description of a hurricane. Given the title of the poem includes the word "art," it makes sense that Cruz brings up Wassily Kandisky, Jackson Pollack, and Vincent Van Gogh (all painters).  The comparison of the sweeping winds to brush strokes proves to be nothing less than artistic. 

The theme of the poem, the beauty of destruction, proves itself worthy of consideration. While most people tend to look at only the negative aspects of things which destroy (and not the regenerative nature of the world to heal itself), Cruz offers readers a different view of the hurricane--hurricanes which bring about a "Starry Night" and music played by the wind on the saxophone and flute.

Cruz's poem desires noting more than attention to the beauty of destruction. One can come to realize, through a reading of the poem, that a hurricane can cleanse the earth ("clears the earth's nasal passages) and bring beauty into its wake.  

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