What is the theme of nature in Romantic literature? How do you explain this?

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For Romantics, Nature is often a source of respite, both for body and for soul. Further, it is where the intuition ignites and leads man to understanding. A tangible expression of the greater soul of man, Nature nurtures the Romantics.

I think literaturenerd makes a great point about Romantics being inluenced by the world around them.  I think it is important to remember that Romanticism arose largely as a reaction to the Age of Reason.  During this period, the focus was on categorizing nature and the scientific method.  This takes all of the fun out of nature, or so the Romantcis would say.  They weren't so much interested in what type of tree or flower they were looking at, but insstead they wanted to capture the awe and beauty of that natural thing in their work, whether it was poetry, a short story, or a painting.

I have to say that I love litteacher's definition of Romanticism ("being in love with life"). I have to add that the...

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