What is a Theme of Narrative of Sojourner Truth?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One theme that comes out of the work is how Truth balances the demands of individuality with collective identity.  Truth is an individual fighting battles that differentiate her from others.  Being a woman of color and one who has endured unspeakable pain creates her as an individual distinct from all.  Yet, at the same time, Truth is shown as a person who seeks to broaden her reach to others and with others.  Through religion and activism, there is a solidarity sought and a desire to forge bonds with others.  While Truth may articulate a condition of pain and sadness, she is one whose active stance of dissent is not isolating nor alienating, but rather empowering as it seeks to bring others into the equation of resistance.  I think that this theme of exploring how the individual can connect to their larger community element is something that is seen in the Narrative.

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