what is the theme of Merchant of Venice?with examples

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The theme is -Friendship and winning hands of Portia.You see in play friendship b/w antonio and bassanio,and in the other hand bassanio wanted to wooing the hand of Portia.so the theme that acome out is friendship and winning hands of Portia.

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the major theme of this play is the friendship.

In this play the Friendship between the characters is often built on self-deception and self-interes . Shylock’s friendship with Tubal because they are both Jewish, and Portia's closest friend is Nerissa, who has no choice but to spend time with her because Nerissa is her servant. We notice in this play the  most notable friendship is the one between Antonio and Bassanio.  Antonio loves Bassanio enough to give his life for him – indeed it seems that Bassanio is one of his only reasons for living.    their friendship loses when Portia and Bassanio get married

other theme is Prejudice and wee see in the play that The most present form of prejudice is against Shylock

and we have also Love :The love is more notable in the play . There are  love between family members, between friends, and of course, between lovers.  Bassanio “loves” Portia, but the real reason for him to love her is  her money .