What is the theme of Marcus Garvey's book Africa for the Africans?

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Marcus Garvey was a radical black nationalist/separatist who believed that black people living in the United States would have the best chance of living a life away from white supremacy through returning to their African ancestral homeland. Garvey encouraged black people to reconnect to their African roots. In Garvey's book, Africa for the Africans, Garvey asserts that Africa has been deeply invaded and colonized by European forces and that black people across the slave-trade created diaspora must reclaim their homeland. While Garvey's ambitions that boatloads of black people may return to a land they've never known may have been a bit far-fetched, it was certainly a reasonable and understandable reaction to the absolutely horrific racism that black people were (and still are) experiencing in the United States. Black separatists of Garvey's time understandably wanted their people to remove themselves from white supremacy and white society and reclaim their cultures, traditions, autonomy,...

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