What is the theme of the short story "The Lesson"?

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In the short story "The Lesson," we watch as Silvia resists learning. She is a bit rebellious and very independent, and resents Ms. Moore for trying to teach the kids and change the way things are.

Ms. Moore brings the kids to a toy store in a very wealthy area and asks them to pay attention to the cost of the toys and to think about how much their parents would need to work in order to buy those toys.

She wants to teach them about injustice and about how to fight for better opportunities. You could argue that Ms. Moore is trying to empower the kids, but in order to do so, she needs to first show them why they need to be empowered and help them see the injustice that surrounds them.

The story focuses mostly on Silvia, who doesn't want to listen and doesn't want to be told that she is poor. While some of the other kids seem to consider the lesson, Silvia wants to get away; however, we see that perhaps she will continue to think about the day, think about what it means for her, and consider...

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