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When we think of theme, what we are refering to is the central message of a work of literature that can normally be expressed in one sentence or statement. If we think about this story, and in particular the way in which it brings together a family that is hurting and with clear divisions, we can see that, in my opinion, the key theme of this work is the ability of love to restore and heal.

We can see this in action in so many ways, both in the parents of Ronnie and Jonah and the way in which their time together heals the breach in their relationship and particularly in the relationship between Ronnie, who hates the idea of going to her father's for the summer, but obviously comes to think very differently by the end of the novel.

Love then is the main focus of this novel, but in particular the way in which the family moves from being dysfunctional to functional indicates the sense in which the theme of this novel is the capacity of love to heal and restore.

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