The Lady Or The Tiger Theme

What is the theme of "The Lady, or the Tiger"?

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I feel the theme of "The Lady, or the Tiger? is one of making the right choice and overcoming jealousy and pride.  The Princess holds the fate of her lover in her hands.  She knows what is behind each door and that her lover will be looking to her for the right choice, which is life.  The princess feels that her lover has betrayed her with his flirtatious airs around the maiden behind the door.  She knows they have spoken and exchanged glances.  She also hates the maiden because of this and would love nothing more than to see her lose her lover and end up with no one and very unhappy.  She also doesn't want to see her lover married to someone other than her.  With all these situations and knowing her inheritance is "semibarbaric", one would think she would direct her lover to the wrong door.  But if she truly loves the man, she will overcome her jealousy and make the right decision and want him to live even though the consequences would not be in her favor.  She also has to not let her pride stand in the way.  She feels betrayed, but she still needs to make the right choice.

Reference:  The Language and Literature Book by McDougal Littell

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I agree with the answer below and would l like to add that the story presents its theme in a very unusual way. Not only is the story's theme about making choices, it is also about examining who we are at the heart of ourselves before making a life changing decision. The author presents this idea in such a way that we, the readers, are called to make the examination ourselves for the princess. He writes an ambiguous ending that we then are asked to figure out. When the author received letters and visits from readers of his story demanding that he write a true ending, his response was that the ending was up to the reader and whatever choice the reader made would tell the reader more about himself or herself. 

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The most prominent theme is dealing with the consequences of your actions and choices.  Poor prisoners of the king are forced to choose one of two doors which hold behind them either life or death.  And then the princess of course has the difficult choice to make whether she should tell her lover the truth about who is behind which door or not.  Enotes has an indepth discussion of choices in this story at the link below.

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