What is the theme and setting of "The Knight's Tale"?

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The theme of the Knight's Tale is that of chivalric love.  It is a great example of the medieval romance.  With regards to the setting, the story that the Knight is telling the other pilgrims takes place in the ancient world of Athens, Thebes, and the surrounding area of the Mediterranean.

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The theme of The Knight's Tale is that "you get what you ask for." 

Palamon wishes to see Emily every day (he stays where he can see her for seven years). Arcita wishes to be free from prison so he can be with Emily (he gets free, and eventually sees Emily).

Before the tournament, Palamon asks for Emily, Arcite asks for victory, and Emily asks for peace between the two men. Each of these things is accomplished, but in a way that none of them could have forseen.

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The theme is Fortune's wheel...the ups and downs of life...arcite and palamon's fortunes continually go up and down...the gods are the instruments of Fortune...Mars and Venus destabalize whereas Saturn acts as the mediator and stabalizer.

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