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What is the theme of the kissing booth?

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The Kissing Booth is a coming-of-age novel from Beth Reekles. The main theme of this novel deals with personal growth, as the teenage protagonist experiences first times, overwhelming feelings, body changes, unreliable boyfriends, and friendship. This progression is mirrored by the very structure of the text, which in fact originally was a series of chapters loaded by fifteen-year-old Beth on Wattpad. Her followers asked her to go on with the story, and so she did. It is in a kissing booth that the heroine will have her first kiss with a "bad boy," and it is around this booth that several events will rotate. The novel is engaging as well as amusing, and its winning writing style is related to the fact that the author succeeds in digging into the troubles of developing one’s identity, into the suffering of becoming an independent adult while not losing one’s most important social connections, through a nonetheless light-hearted development of the plot.

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The Kissing Booth was written by Beth Reekles when the author was just seventeen. The novel's action is centered on the relationships of Elle, a teenager whose friendship with Lee is sorely tested when Elle takes up with Lee's older "bad boy" brother, Noah. Although Elle has always considered her friendship with Lee to be platonic, he has long harbored thoughts of a romance with her. Noah is controlling and hypermasculine, and Elle is willing to overlook his violence toward others while remaining blind to Lee's quiet devotion.

The novel's thematic concerns includes the immense freedom of today's teenagers and how they navigate the formation of their identities, values, and sexuality. In the case of Lee and Noah, this involves their sibling rivalry.

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