What is the theme of Keats's poem Ode To A Nightingale ? How does the poet deal with the theme ?

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The the theme of  Keats' Ode to the Nightingale , is an attempt of abridging the gap between art and reality .

The poet assumes different moods to send his senses into sleep , but initially fails .Hemlock , opium , wine , can do nothing .At last , he with the help of imagination , he transports himself to the realm of beauty were the Nightingale is singing at ful-throated ease .The poet assumes such aesthetic state that , his senses leave  him .He recalls , his past ventures which he attempted in many a mused rime .In a word the poet feels the ecstasy of art and beauty .

But he can not continue that state , as , his senses ,revives and he begins to sing the paean of praise of the Nightingale music that has soothed many a trouble tossed hearts , and weary bands .

While this was going on , the imagery of a medieval maiden , capriveted by a wicked , magician , and her lonliness , flashed in his imagination .This reminds the poet of his own forlorn -state .

He returned to the ground .This relates to Lamb's Dream Children .

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